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Look No Further You’ve Found It!

Posted in One Time For Your Mind on July 13, 2008 by The Geniu$ Club


Living in Canada I hear people on a regular talk about the beauty of every other country, while complaining about ours. I’m posting this picture as a reminder for those who musta forgot, and those who haven’t had the privilege to see how sexy Canada can be.

This photo is one of the many beauties that’s been blessed upon the west coast of Canada.

Big shout out to my man G. Helfrick, this man is Genius when it comes to photography. I’m tellin y’all to reach his site to see more of his dope ass work.



“Street, Style, and Art”

Posted in One Time For Your Mind on June 30, 2008 by The Geniu$ Club

We all know that graffiti is one of the elements of hip-hop, as well as the power of expression it beholds. This book Graffiti L.A. provides a description of the history of graffiti in L.A. as well as an examination of the different styles, techniques, and expressions used by today’s artists/writers. This book is dope for anyone with a passion in graffiti or art in general. Steve Grody you’ve compiled the work of Genius to create your own work of Genius!!


“Echoes Of Harlem”

Posted in One Time For Your Mind on June 30, 2008 by The Geniu$ Club

About “Echoes of Harlem”: A Jazz master sings to the city of Harlem from his home-spun recording studio. His song is about struggle and overcoming, faith, forbearance and hope- a message of empathy and inspiration.

He sings not for fame or fortune but for the ritual and love of the spiritual. In the midst of darkness, light spills into the single window in his apartment, illuminating his gospel. Though he lives in a rundown tenement, he is rich in spirit. His song echoes through the city.”

Justin Bua is a serious man, his art work has been deemed OFFICIAL! This piece is yet another expression of genius! Check out his website for more information on this piece and to peep his other genius creations!