Real Recognized Reel

This being the first post from our section “Real Recognized Reel”. When ever a film with substance is released we will be posting our comments, and reviews on the film.
Our first Review is on my current vote for movie of the year Batman The Dark Knight. Directed by Chris Nolan, and staring Christian Bale, but more importantly the late Heath Leger. Ledger’s performance was so dominating it took away from the main character of Batman, and makes the audience side with the Joker because of how genius and sadistic Ledger became for this part.

The Dark Knight set a Box Office record of $66.4 million on opening day, and continues to break records as the days pass.

This is a true portrayal of good vs evil, with over 2.5 hrs of excitement. This is truly the greatest piece of work that Heath Ledger has done, and a great way for all of us to remember him.



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